Sunday, October 2, 2011


Received from: Portugal
Category: Poland x other countries RR - night view
Date: September 2011

The 25 de Abril Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting the city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, to the municipality of Almada on the left (south) bank of the Tejo river. It was inaugurated on August 6, 1966 and a train platform was added in 1999. Because of its similar coloring, it is often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. In fact, it was built by the same company (American Bridge Company) that constructed the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and not the Golden Gate, also explaining its similarity in design. With a total length of 2,277 m, it is the 21st largest suspension bridge in the world. The upper platform carries six car lanes, and the lower platform carries two train tracks. Until 1974, the bridge was named Salazar Bridge (Ponte Salazar).


  1. so much, it's beautiful :) I had a possibility to walk through Lisbon by night and it was amazing!