Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Received from: Poland
Category: from a friend
Date: July 2009


A very special card, because received from the holidays I spent together with a friend. Written in very colourful way, with the message like 'Today we were there and we were doing this and this together...' - made me laugh a lot after receiving it ;).


Darłówko (German: Rügenwaldermünde) is a seaside neighborhood and a popular summertime resort in the town of Darłowo on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland. Famously, it is the site of a yearly gathering of old military vehicles, the largest of its kind in Europe, held at the end of Słowiańska street. Darłówko has two beaches, east and west, extending from either side of the Wieprza river mouth.

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